**GAME REVIEW** Foul Play Once Upon A Crime @foulplaygamers @zooloo2008

Today I am sharing my thoughts on new card game Once Upon A Crime

Carabosse the Bad Fairy is dead, and her Big Book of Villainy has been stolen!

In a shocking revelation, the magic mirror has revealed that all the suspects are goodies, but who had a motive to go bad? You’ll need to swap, steal and search for the evidence in order to scupper the other detectives and sleuth your way to victory!

The Foul Play Once Upon A Crime Card Game contains: 

52 cards

28 action cards

15 evidence cards

8 suspect cards

4 instruction cards

I found using the website and video really helpful for learning to play the game rather than reading the instructions


Good Cop Version

To play good cop you need to set the cards up 3×3 face down, this will give you your crime scene.

Next you need to deal 5 cards to each player.

The aim is to uncover 3 evidence cards to solve the crime and frame your murderer.

The suspects are these cards

I am yet to try the bad cop version of the game but for that it is the is same 3×3 layout and this time you deal 7 cards to each player.

My Thoughts

I played this game with my 12 year old nephew, we enjoyed the good cop version as it’s like Cluedo without the big bulky board so this is perfect for travelling.

Each game is never is the same so again it doesn’t getting boring or tiresome.

It’s a fun game that with just the two of us playing was over quite quickly 20 minutes or so but would be longer and harder to play with say 4 people.

All in all a brilliant engaging and learning game for all ages, only a deck a cards so will easily fit into my handbag for those nights on holiday at the pool bar, hours of entertainment and 2 versions of the game for the price of 1, what more could you wish for!

I would totally recommend this as an alternative from playing the standard card games, also keeps your memory going as you need to build up your evidence so don’t go forgetting.

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