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Today is my stop on the blog tour for Bad Girls by Gemma Roger’s.

Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Boldwood Books for giving me the chance to participate in the tour.

Bad Girls

No Body. No Crime. No Time.

Can you ever escape your past?

Fresh out of prison, Jess Strickland has just six months’ probation to serve until she’s free to get on with the life, she left behind 4 years ago.

With few options available, Jess takes a job at Bright’s’, an industrial laundry company alongside other ex-cons, all eager to keep their noses clean.

Here she finds an ally in Karla but soon learns her new boss Terry, is not all he seems.

Realising she’s no safer on the outside Jess refuses to be a victim any longer.

How far will she go to avoid going back to prison?

My Thoughts

I had read Gemma’s previous books back to back during the summer last year whilst on furlough so was glad I didn’t have to wait too long for another fix.

Jess is fresh out of prison trying to keep on the straight and narrow working at Brights on her probation and soon makes friends with Ex-convict Karla who also has her own secrets and has her interests in Jess and her past.

After work one night things take a turn for the worse and Jess will do anything to stay of prision.

Who are her friends and who is against her?

This had me reeled in from the first chapter and before I knew it I was half way though, WOW so many ways this book could of gone and kept me on tender hooks all the way to the end. Who to trust and not to trust.

I absolutely loved Jess and really felt for her finding herself in these nail biting situations and hoped she would be forgiven for her past mistakes

I could add a lot more but feel it will spoil it for you so do not delay and pick up this fantastic read.

I absolutely loved this one, gripping and intense all the way throughout, my favourite from Gemma so far.

Brilliant ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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About the Author

Gemma Rogers was inspired to write gritty thrillers by a traumatic event in her own life nearly twenty years ago. Stalker was her debut novel and marked the beginning of a new writing career. Gemma lives in West Sussex with her husband, two daughters and bulldog Buster.

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New Arrivals At Hedgehog Hollow – Jessica Redland


The sun is shining, wild flowers are blooming and Hedgehog Hollow is officially open for business.

For Samantha, the proud owner of this beautiful rescue centre, life has never been busier. But with an influx of new hogs and hoglets to take care of, not to mention a full-time job and ongoing family issues, can she accept the possibility that she has taken on more than she can handle?

Fortunately, she has the love of her life, Josh, by her side for support and encouragement. But Josh has his own family troubles to deal with. And soon he must decide if he’s ready to do the one thing he swore he’d never do – forgive his father.

For both Samantha and Josh it’s a season of change and for figuring out whether the past can ever truly be forgotten.

My Thoughts

A fabulous cover for a fabulous read!

I totally adore this series, they just get better.

Samantha now has the Hedgehog rescue centre up and running whilst still juggling a full time job and someone is still set out to destroy Hedgehog Hollow.

Herself and Josh are now in love and we find out more about Josh’s family and the estranged relationship with his father Paul.

I love the way the chapters flowed between the POV from Samantha and Josh and with the cute Hedgehogs.

Jessica wrote in her acknowledgements that this was the hardest to write, but to me by far one of the best books Jessica has written.

Full of drama, love, family and friendships a total joy to devour.

A big fat 5 hedgehogs from me 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔

Snowflakes at Bramblewood Farm – Abby Broomfield

Seth Anderson hasn’t dated anyone for almost ten years but when Constable Grace Nolan catches his eye, she’s the only thing on his mind.
Emily and Rome receive a huge surprise that will change their lives forever.
Summer fades to a bleak, cold winter and the thick snow that blankets rural Devon isn’t their only problem.
Someone is out to get them. Smashed windows are just the start.
Rome is doing everything he can to protect his family while Seth is wondering what Grace could be hiding. Something heartbreaking that could threaten their new found chance at happiness.
An unexpected visitor arrives for Christmas during a December snowstorm and Emily must face up to her past.
As the threats become more serious, Bramblewood Farm and its residents could be in terrible danger if they can’t find the person who is responsible, but it’s harder than it sounds when you’re battling the coldest, snowiest winter on record.

My Thoughts

This is a follow on from Summer at Bramblewood Farm so ideal to start from the begining.

In this we focus more on Seth who is Rome’s brother in law and also lives on the farm, Grace instantly grabs his attention after the cash box is stolen at an event. As a way of thanks Seth wants to take Grace out for a drink and they hit it off.

Grace is also running away from past and is sure it is catching up with her when a series of damages happen at the Farm.

Also happily in love Emily has a face from her past turn up for Christmas will this be a merry one?

Oh my Abby has done it again, a truly magical read. I love all the characters and the storyline is just wonderful, like the first one I couldn’t put this one down and read in one sitting.

I really hope there is more to come in the future from the beautiful Bramblewood Farm. I highly recommend this joyful read. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Free Preview Link

Both Fab and joyful wonderful reads, you really feel as if you are on the Farm!

Bad Blood Series – Caz Finlay

The Boss


After a stint inside, notorious gangster Nathan Conlon is back. He says he’s a changed man, but old habits die hard on Liverpool’s gritty streets. He’ll stop at nothing to reclaim his formidable criminal empire – and his long-suffering ex-wife, Grace.


Grace once kissed the ground that Nathan walked on, but not anymore. She’s head of the firm now, commanding respect from the best of them, and she’ll do anything to protect her family – even if it means beating Nathan at the dirtiest of games . . .


My Thoughts

I’m always a bit hesitant trying new Authors, but soon as I see the cover alone I knew this was the book for me.

Right up my street, this is totally my kind of book.

Packs a punch, killings and twists to keep you guessing, gritty gangland at it’s best.

Wow just amazing.

What a debut from Caz. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Back In The Game

Grace Sumner turned her back on the Liverpool gangland scene, determined to raise her baby daughter Belle away from a life of crime and killings. She might have been the boss once, but now Grace just wants to live a normal life…

Until she learns that her eldest son Jake has got himself mixed up in some bad business. In over his head and out of control, Jake needs pulling back in line, before he gets himself killed. But with Grace gone, no one can tell Jake what to do. Which means only one thing for Grace…

The boss is back!

My Thoughts

Queen Grace is back in the game.

When I thought you couldn’t get better than The Boss Caz has smashed it out the park with this one.

Wow – what a great series, lots of twists and murders which I love, deep gritty gangland.

Caz has become one of my favourite Authors.

Head Of The Firm

Happily married and with two small children, Grace has stepped away from the murky underworld that has shaped so much of her life.  Now Grace is leaving the hard work to the boys – her son Jake Conlon and the notorious Carter twins, Paul and Connor. 

But Grace can sense danger better than anyone and trouble is heading their way…. 

She’ll stop at nothing to protect those she loves, even if it means an all-out gang war on the streets of Liverpool.  But is this one fight Grace can’t win?

My Thoughts

Queen Grace is back where she belongs!

WOW – The third installment of this fantastic series and Grace is now settled with Micheal baby Oscar is a new addition to the growing blended family.

Secrets and lies are all exposed, will the family ever be the same again?

I love everything about this book, I love Paul and Jake together, I love how they will do anything for their own even if it comes at a price, I love the twists and turns and there really was some OMG jaw dropping moments.

Do not cross our Grace people!

I love all these characters and you feel part of the family with them. Caz has a great style of writing and has become one of my favourite authors.

Another excellent page turning gripping read these get better and better.

Caz, You smashed it as always!



As you can tell I absolutely love this series, full of drama, great characters and our Queen Grace is one woman not to be messed with. Gangland gritty crime at it’s best and Caz’s writing is just superb. I never want this series to end.

Book 4, Liverpool Loyalty is due out on the 18th December and I am counting down the days.

Summer at Bramblewood Farm – Abby Broomfield

Oh Wow what a little delight this is, a fab debut read from Abby.

Emily rocks up at Bramblewood Farm to do a evaluation, Rome has no idea what is going on. Emily ends up as hired help.

Emily is such a great clumsy loveable character, some real LOL moments from falling over to birthing the lamb.

Rome has his own past eating him up, can he see past this and save the Farm he loves with the help from Emily.

I totally adored this and was set to read this weekend but I’ve just devoured this in two sittings.

Abby brings you warmth, heartache, love and humour, and not forgetting the lambs all rolled into one beautiful book.

I already cannot wait to go back and visit for Christmas.

5 stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Really looking foward to reading more from Abby in the future.

Pick up this little gem you will not be disappointed.

About the Author

Abby Broomfield was born and raised on her family farm on the Isle of Wight. She can often be found down in the horse field reading, up by the pig pen writing, or among the cows, daydreaming.
With a background in child education, her aspirations to become a primary school teacher soon switched to following her dream and becoming an author. She couldn’t think of a better way to spend her life than enriching it with words and imagination. She took the plunge and now presents you with Summer at Bramblewood 

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